A discussion on censorship in the age of the Internet and a debate net neutrality

Steven Titch, Robert Corn-Revere and Pete Tucker

Steven Titch, Robert Corn-Revere and Pete Tucker at Reason

(Video at bottom)

Last week, noted First Amendment attorney Robert Corn-Revere gave a talk on censorship in the age of the Internet. Directly following the talk at Reason magazine’s D.C. office, TheFightBack’s Pete Tucker joined Corn-Revere for a wide-ranging discussion on threats to an open internet.

The two also debated the issue of net neutrality, the principal which calls for all web content to be governed by the same set of rules, preventing the powerful from receiving special treatment, including faster download times for their sites.  

The discussion, which was moderated by Reason’s Steven Titch, begins at minute mark 27:45…

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