Thom Hartmann Discusses Eviction of Occupy DC… and the Use of Black Blocking

Monday on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann on RT, Pete and occupier Robert Stephens discussed the U.S. Park Police’s recent eviction of Occupy DC.

Of the eleven arrests made Saturday at McPherson Square, two occupiers, Jeremiah DeSousa and Nathan Gorecki, are facing felony assault charges.

Initial media reports stated that DeSousa hit an officer in the face with a brick. But in court that brick “became a plastic bottle,” said Stephens, who attended DeSousa’s arraignment earlier in the day.

“So it was a brick when they talked to the media,” responded Hartmann. “But it was a plastic bottle when they talked to the judge.” 

Gorecki, 32, suffered a broken arm and injury to his head after his arrest, attorney Rachel Moshman with the National Lawyers Guild told TheFightBack.

In addition to discussing Occupy DC, Hartmann and Stephens debated the use of the black block as a tactic. “Black blocking, in my opinion, would not be easily summarized as simply breaking windows,” said Stephens.

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