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Will the U.S. “Jeremy Corbyn” Please Stand Up?

Election 2016 is underway and it’s clear something is stirring. Political outsiders are making waves, while more polished pols are sinking. The top two candidates on the Republican side, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have never held elected office. On … Continue reading

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How U.S. Media Helped Wash That Little Boy Ashore

A picture of a little boy’s body washed ashore has touched a nerve. It’s that of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, according to news reports. His 5-year old brother, Galip, drowned on the same boat, along with their mother, Rehan. The father, … Continue reading

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Who Should Be Honored on Memorial Day?

Listen to IVAW’s Maggie Martin on Voice of Russia Radio “No amount of medals, ribbons or flags can cover the amount of human suffering caused by these wars.” With those words Maggie Martin, a sergeant who served two tours in … Continue reading

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A Discussion on U.S. Presidential Elections, Foreign Policy and Media Coverage

Pete appeared on Deadline with host Carey Campbell in February. Fellow guests included Martin Sieff, chief analyst for The Globalist, and Green Party presidential candidate Rhett Smith. Among the issues discussed and debated were the presidential elections; U.S. foreign policy … Continue reading

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Nader Keynotes “Americans Who Tell the Truth” Symposium at AU

Listen to speech by Ralph Nader and introduction by Jamie Raskin Feb. 13, lawyer and consumer advocate Ralph Nader keynoted a symposium at American University’s Washington College of Law entitled “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” which is the title of … Continue reading

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Actress, Comedian Roseanne Barr Runs for President

Listen to Roseanne Barr: Just three weeks into Roseanne Barr’s campaign for U.S. president, one national poll has her at 6 percent in a three-way race with President Obama and Mitt Romney. The actress and comedian is seeking the Green Party … Continue reading

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Jason McGaughey on the Occupy Movement and the Fight for the Future

Listen to Jason McGaughey: “We have to fight for our futures,” Jason McGaughey told TheFightBack Saturday at Occupy DC shortly before tensions rose and things escalated, at times tipping over into scenes of mayhem. Standing beside a police barricade in … Continue reading

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Guantanamo Bay Turns Ten: Former Soldier Discusses the “Detention Camps”

Listen to Daniel Lakemacher here: Today marks the tenth anniversary of foreign nationals being held at Guantanamo Bay, the US military base in Cuba. Activists are gathering outside the White House in Lafayette Park at noon to mark the occasion … Continue reading

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David Rovics on Bradley Manning and the Occupy Movement

Listen to David Rovics Here: “He’s one of the most heroic figures of our times,” activist and singer/songwriter David Rovics said of Private Bradley Manning, who’s charged with leaking hundreds of thousands of secret US government documents to WikiLeaks, the … Continue reading

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Happy Bill of Rights Day: Celebrate It While You Still Can

Listen to Sue Udry Here: December 15, 1791, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, known collectively as the Bill of Rights, were ratified. In 1941, 150 years later, December 15th was declared Bill of Rights Day by President … Continue reading

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