As Uber’s Troubles Grow, Post Fails to Disclose Owner’s Ties to Ride-Hailing Giant

Creative Commons via DonkeyHotey

Creative Commons via DonkeyHotey

Editor Marty Baron says he doesn’t know whether Bezos is still an investor.

A review of Washington Post articles on Uber from this year—during which damning revelations about the company came in waves—shows that the paper is informing readers infrequently, and not at all in the past four months, that Post owner Jeff Bezos was, and presumably still is, an Uber investor.

It’s all but inevitable that the Post will cover stories involving companies connected to Bezos, who’s the founder and CEO of Amazon and now the second-richest person alive. The paper has set a high bar for disclosure when it comes to covering Amazon, routinely informing readers of Bezos’ ties to the online retail giant. And when it comes to Uber, as recently as last year the Post regularly disclosed the Bezos connection.

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