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Hailu Mergia: Famed Musician and Cab Driver

Listen to Hailu Mergia here: After reaching the height of success in Ethiopia, The Walias Band came to the U.S., landing at Dulles International Airport in 1981. After spending two years playing for the Ethiopian diaspora throughout the U.S., often … Continue reading

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REVIEW: A Ruined Detroit

Michigan Central Station is a carcass of a building, looming over Detroit’s west side. Once an emblem of Detroit’s prosperity, the towering structure is now an emblem of its desperation. Its 18 stories of windows are smashed-in, leaving jagged glass … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin’s Death Gives Life to a Movement

Listen to speakers from Saturday’s rally at Freedom Plaza The death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has given life to a movement that seems to grow exponentially with each passing day. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, thousands heeded the call put out … Continue reading

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TheFightBack, Jan. 28: Michelle Alexander on Mass Incarceration and The New Jim Crow

Listen to Michelle Alexander on TheFightBack: download MP3 “If he had been raised in the hood, the odds are high he would’ve been stopped, he would’ve been frisked, he would’ve been caught,” Michelle Alexander said of Barack Obama, who has … Continue reading

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In Possible MLK Day Hate Crime, Civil Rights Family’s Car Burned

Growing up in a civil rights family in Bogalusa, Louisiana, Chuck Hicks remembers the constant threats. “We were a marked family,” he told TheFightBack in an extended interview on the eve of the October dedication of the MLK Memorial. It turns out, … Continue reading

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The Tuskegee Airmen In Their Own Words

Listen to Lt. Col. William Holloman and Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson: “Star Wars” creator George Lucas spent more than twenty years trying to bring the story of the Tuskegee Airmen to the big screen. “Red Tails,” which highlights the African … Continue reading

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TheFightBack, Jan. 14: An MLK Holiday Special

Listen to TheFightBack here: This holiday weekend, as we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we hear from D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray on how the civil rights leader impacted his life. We’ll also hear from Free Press’s Joseph … Continue reading

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Happy Bill of Rights Day: Celebrate It While You Still Can

Listen to Sue Udry Here: December 15, 1791, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, known collectively as the Bill of Rights, were ratified. In 1941, 150 years later, December 15th was declared Bill of Rights Day by President … Continue reading

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The Civil Rights Movement – and the Deacons for Defense and Justice – in Bogalusa, Louisiana

  “We were a marked family,” said Chuck Hicks, who grew up in Bogalusa, Louisiana during the civil rights movement. Hicks’ father, the late Robert Hicks, helped found the Bogalusa chapter of the Deacons for Defense and Justice, a group … Continue reading

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After Breaking Open the Watergate Scandal, Woodward and Bernstein Crossed the Picket Line

LISTEN JOHN HANRAHAN: download mp3 John Hanrahan, a former Washington Post reporter and editor, summed up his thoughts on the 1976 film “All the President’s Men”: “Outstanding performances, outstanding director, but depicting a lousy institution,” he said. The movie stars … Continue reading

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