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Next Stop: Metro’s Ethics Committee

Metro is facing challenges on multiple fronts, and a potential conflict of interest at the tri-state agency’s highest levels could fall through the cracks. Until recently Metro’s board chairman, Mortimer Downey, was on the payroll of a firm paid $81 … Continue reading

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Nap Turner Way

DC’s U Street is heavily gentrified, with lots of luxury condos and lots more on the way. But a few short decades ago, U Street – then known as Black Broadway – was the cultural soul of Chocolate City. It … Continue reading

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The “Rigged” Presidential Debates

Election season is here and presidential debates are taking center stage as millions tune in to watch candidates vie for the nation’s top spot. With all eyes on the candidates, little attention is paid to the behind-the-scenes jockeying that determines … Continue reading

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Will the U.S. “Jeremy Corbyn” Please Stand Up?

Election 2016 is underway and it’s clear something is stirring. Political outsiders are making waves, while more polished pols are sinking. The top two candidates on the Republican side, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have never held elected office. On … Continue reading

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Hungry for change at FERC

On the sidewalk below a nondescript office building nestled behind D.C.’s Union Station, a dozen activists are camped out. It’s Day 4 of their 18-day hunger fast outside a little-known federal agency. As a result of their fast, and earlier … Continue reading

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How U.S. Media Helped Wash That Little Boy Ashore

A picture of a little boy’s body washed ashore has touched a nerve. It’s that of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, according to news reports. His 5-year old brother, Galip, drowned on the same boat, along with their mother, Rehan. The father, … Continue reading

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Slain journalist’s dad criticizes media, but coverage omits this

While Andy Parker’s sharp criticism of politicians and the NRA has received extensive coverage, there’s been a noticeable silence surrounding his critique of the media. “I’m challenging you, the media, because… this is one of your own,” Parker told CNN. … Continue reading

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Petition calls for Jon Stewart to moderate debate

Jon Stewart should moderate a 2016 presidential debate. That’s what a petition, which has nearly 300,000 signatures, is calling for. Having Stewart moderate would liven things up, something the-usually-staid debates could use, particularly if Donald Trump doesn’t win the … Continue reading

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The Post vs. Vincent Gray

D.C.’s paper of record, while maintaining its reputation as an objective news source, is on the verge of swinging the mayoral election. On an almost daily basis the Washington Post is cutting down Mayor Vincent Gray, as it bolsters its … Continue reading

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D.C. Taxi Documentary in the Making

D.C.’s taxicab industry and recent credit card mandate are the subject of an upcoming documentary. Filmmaker Julie Espinosa recently released the teaser, which includes footage from The Taxi Link. “Currently there is a lot of confusion surrounding reforms to the D.C. … Continue reading

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