Jack Evans: Marriott’s Man

David Mallof, 1st Vice President of the Federation of Citizens Associations of the District of Columbia and Pete Tucker testified before Councilmember Jack Evans on June 24, 2009. Both Mallof and Tucker raised the issue of Mr. Evans’ possible conflict of interest regarding the Marriott deal because of his employment for Patton Boggs.  Watch the video from the testimony below:

In his testimony, Mallof stated, “People are very concerned, generally. We’ve done some very poor dealmaking repeatedly within the Wilson Building, and it’s not just the Council’s responsibility, it’s also the mayor’s, the deputy mayor’s. The hits keep on coming out of sequence, poorly documented and poorly quantified benefits.”

Tucker asked, “Are you kidding me? Are you seriously considering hundreds of millions of dollars for a hotel at the same time that you’re cutting services for the mentally ill?”

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