On NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt, Tucker Discusses D.C.’s Ongoing Occupations

Watch TheFightBack‘s Pete Tucker and NewsTalk‘s Bruce DePuyt discuss the ongoing occupations beginning at 46:37

Appearing on News Channel 8’s NewsTalk, TheFightBack‘s Pete Tucker joined host Bruce DePuyt for a discussion on the ongoing occupations in D.C. (at Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square) and Wall Street, where protesters secured a major victory this morning when they forced New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to back down from his order to clear Zuccotti Park, now renamed Liberty Plaza.

Also discussed was the high level of professionalism the Metropolitan Police Department has shown towards the occupiers. MPD’s conduct stands in stark contrast to the excessive force used by NYPD in several recent instances.

Additionally, Tucker and DePuyt talked about the recent Montgomery County Council resolution that Lockheed Martin lobbied hard to prevent from coming to a vote. The first of the resolution‘s nine points states, “United States military spending is higher than it has been since World War II. Since 1998, the Pentagon budget will have more than doubled (in constant dollars) by the end of 2011.”

The would-be resolution “urges the United States Congress to make major reductions in the Pentagon budget, in a manner that does not harm the safety or lives of our troops, with the savings invested in state and local needs so that Montgomery County and other counties in Maryland can repair their deteriorating infrastructure, reverse budget cuts to education, health care, and other needs, and otherwise improve the welfare of their residents.”

“To a lot of people,” DePuyt said, “this is so obvious that many of our financial priorities are askew.”

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