Mayor Gray pitches for ‘PFW

From r to l: Mayor Vincent Gray, WPFW general manager John Hughes, Pete Tucker

“One of the important and unique things about ‘PFW is that it’s commercial free,” D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said over the airwaves of Pacifica Radio’s WPFW 89.3 FM during the station’s summer pledge drive in August.

“There’s no appearance of being influenced by someone who may be purchasing ads because no one purchases ads. This is a station that is supported by the public and that’s the best support you can possibly have,” said Gray, who donated $100 and helped the station raise more than $4,000 during his hour of on-air pitching. “I’m proud not only to be a supporter at the verbal level… but I’ve made my own financial commitment,” he said.  

Gray joined WPFW general manager John Hughes and WPFW Local Station Board members Tony Norman (chairman), Tom Porter and Pete Tucker. His appearance was recorded by the D.C. Office of Cable Television and aired on D.C.’s Channel 16 (video below).

In addition to pitching for the station, Gray discussed why he entered the political arena late in life after a career spent in the social services. “Simply put, there were people who asked me to do it,” he said. Unlike a number of his former Council colleagues, Gray didn’t seek outside employment when he served as Ward 7 councilmember because, he said, the job “deserves [the] full-time active engagement of members.”

Watch D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s appearance on Pacifica Radio’s WPFW 89.3 FM.

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